About Me

Soror Stefanie Caruthers was born in Washington D.C. and lives in Kansas City.  She has a degree in Biology and a Master’s in Management and Organizational Leadership. Her career has spanned 20+ years in sales and marketing, mainly in the pharmaceutical industry. She is a President’s Club award winner among many other top sales and leadership awards in her career.

Soror Caruthers became a Zeta in 1993 at the University of Kansas. She has been active in both the Southern and Midwestern Region graduate chapters. Soror Caruthers is a proud 3rd generation Zeta following the steps of her Grandmother, Aunts and older sister Soror Combs. She holds her Legacy status through the Myrtle and Viola Tyler Legacy Club and also the Southern Region Legacy Club.

Soror Caruthers has used her business skills to launch two companies. The Rose and Pheebs Company, for dog apparel and Orme Genealogy Consultants.  She is looking forward to adding more historically African-American sororities to her store. Stay tuned! You may see your beloved organization soon.

Irene Loney and Arlene Orme Loney

Tribute to my grandmother and aunt