Beautifully hand-crafted jewelry with a little bit of sass. 

Our jewelry is inspired by the rolling hills and vibrant colors of Missouri. My family’s old farmstead in St. Aubert, Mo is the backdrop of each gemstone we choose and my grandmother’s spunk is our creative outlet for each cuff we engrave. Orme is a Scottish/Irish name, pronounced with a brogue that sounds like “arm”. Thus, the name Orme Candy is born. While we do not personalize our jewelry we are happy to take your sassy suggestions!


Why Orme Candy? I wanted to put together a product that didn’t break your budget. If it’s affordable to me than I want to share it with you. We put our products in a set of 5-6 bracelets, which results in a savings of $100 over the leading brands. All our sets contain 2 or more semi-precious stones, plus a sassy cuff. Less branding and more beauty!